Who We Are

Camo Development, LLC is a full service multimedia and web services provider. We have the capability to help you accomplish your online goals. If you already have a website, we can provide professionally prepared content to improve the look and feel as well as improve search engine rankings. If you do not have a website and need help getting set up, we can provide assistance through each step along the way or you can let us deliver a completely built and functioning site to you. We can help with everything from acquiring a domain name and hosting your new website to producing content to fit the needs of your business. Whether you need a simple one page “Contact” sites or a fully integrated eCommerce online store or something in between, we can help make your idea a reality…

Camo Development, LLC is committed to producing cost effective, high quality web and multimedia solutions for indivduals, small businesses and organizations. We want to help our customers succeed with real solutions to real world challenges. Our mission is to provide affordable, high quality products and services to help make your idea a reality.

At Camo Development, LLC, we take our customer’s needs seriously and treat their projects as we would our own. We take pride in providing our customers with custom solutions that help them succeed. We do not try to adapt their needs to canned solutions like many in our industry want to do. Instead we would rather partner with each customer and design customized products to meet their exact needs while making every effort to keep costs down. A satisfied customer is just as important to us as a sale. When we help our customers win, we win as well.

What We Do

Our projects currently fall into three core categories. Below is a breakdown of where our time is spent.

  • Multimedia Production 60%
  • Custom Website Design 25%
  • Brand Consulting 15%

Our Work Flow

Website Development Process
Consultation and Estimation

There is no charge for “Consultation and Estimation”. In order to provide the best solution, we approach each project with industry proven “Best Practices” processes to ascertain details and ensure we understand exactly what the project objectives are. In this “Consultation and Estimation” phase, we meet with the client to discuss the project and gather high level requirements that describe function, feature and appearance attributes to be incorporated into the finished project. From the information gathered in that initial meeting, we draft a rough design proposal and a cost estimate with a (plus/minus range) appropriate for the project.

If the client approves the draft design and cost estimate, we will require a deposit (to be detailed in the cost estimate provided above) from the client and move on to the “Design and Development” phase.

If the client decides to decline the draft proposal and stop any further effort, the process ends here at no cost to the client.

Design and Development

Next, we begin work on a detailed design and Statement Of Work (SOW) which includes a final cost quotation. In this phase, we first create a detailed design considering all variables and functionality discovered in the “requirements” phase. We stay in touch with the customer by phone or email during this phase to clarify any questions or changes that may come up so we can make adjustments to the SOW as necessary prior to submitting it to the client for approval. Once we have a completed design that we believe meets the expectations and requirements, we ask the customer to review and approve the design. Any tweaks or minor changes will be made and re-reviewed until client approval is obtained. Once approved, we begin actual development of all the parts that will ultimately fit together as the completed project. Each individual part is thoroughly tested as it is completed to ensure it functions as designed and meets each requirement gathered in the first phase. We require a signed SOW to continue work on the project.

After the client accepts the SOW, we begin the “Design and Development” phase of the project.

Testing and Deployment

Upon completion of the “Design and Development” phase, the solution is moved into a test environment for UAT (User Acceptance Testing). Here both we and the customer thoroughly test the project to ensure it functions as designed and meets each requirement gathered in the first phase. UAT is concluded when the customer approves the results of the testing and a deployment date is scheduled. On the scheduled deployment date, the finished project is published to the customers website or other specified platform. Post deployment testing (PDT) is performed in accordance with the details in the SOW. Any issues that are found during PDT that are the result of work done by Camo Development are resolved in accordance with the Terms of Service (TOS) agreement included in the SOW. Once the deployment is accepted by the client, any warranty period defined in the SOW commences immediately.